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A War Daddy is a football player that understands that lineman are the foundation for every football play.  A War Daddy is willing to make sacrifices to better himself and ultimately his team.  A War Daddy often does not get the recognition that other players do, but his teammates know they can count on him.  Most importantly, when the game is over, the players from the other team know that they were in a battle with a warrior!


The War Daddy Football Academy is an intensive six week training program to develop and improve on the skills needed to be a dominant offensive lineman.  Each training group meets twice a week for six weeks.  Each player will get small group training in run blocking, pass blocking, overall agility and football conditioning.  Each training session has been designed to incorporate football specific drills and training exercises that are expressly for offensive lineman.


Every football player who attends the War Daddy Football Academy will be taught how to play all three offensive line positions.  Having the versatility to play Center, Guard or Tackle makes the lineman more valuable to their team.  It will also make that lineman a more sought after player.


All football players should have goals for improvement.  Whether your goal is to move into a starting spot on your teams roster or to be offered a college football scholarship, this training will help you get there!


Both Coach Miller and Coach Sellars have worked with football players from youth all the way up to former NFL players.  These coaches are currently working with professional football players and know what it takes to improve.  They will teach you the basics of the techniques you need to know in gradual steps, adding more to your skill set each session.  All of the training sessions are scripted across the six week training program, just like they do with the professional players they coach!


If you're going into battle, be a WAR DADDY! 


The War Daddy Football Academy is for offensive linemen in football programs from youth through High School, as well as college, semi-professional, and indoor players.



On Saturday, May 10th  from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm the War Daddy Football Academy will be holding a one day mini-camp for Offensive Linemen at Relevant Sports Complex, located at 2816 Old Pricetown Road Temple, PA 19560.  Relevant Sports Complex was formaly known as GameFace.


The cost of the mini-camp is $40.00 and each participant will get small group training in all aspects of run and pass blocking: including stance, balance, leverage footwork and hand placement as well as a camp T-shirt.  The camp is for players in fourth grade through college.


On-line registration is now open.



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